Samsung Tablet PC-Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verizon 4G Price, Performance and review

The latest Samsung tablet pc – Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has already been launched in the United States and if you are looking for a 4G option, Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 Verizon 4G LTE in US seems to be superior options for you and I am really surprised to see that this 4G LTE seems to  super fast sleek and lightweight. This Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is available either at down payment or a two year commitment and the main USP’s of this Samsung tablet 10.1 is summarized below.

Samsung Tablet PC 10.1 Verizon 4G LTE Processor and Operating System

The best part of this unique Samsung tablet pc or Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is the processor which provides it the fastest 4G speed. It comes with a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core cortex A9, 1Ghz processor along with the CMC220 (LTE). The Samsung tablet pc, which is Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 Verizon 4G is available with the latest android operating system 3.1, which is why this Samsung tablet pc is fast and provides amazing experience on multimedia and flash video playback.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 4G Verizon LTE Memory and Network

This Samsung tablet pc is available in both the 16GB and 32GB internal memories, which seems to be sufficient enough for enjoying and entertaining every aspect of the task available with the latest tablet pcs. Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 4G not only covers Verizon 4G LTE and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n but you can also connect to the Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1-Design, Camera and General Features

It is sleek, slim and very thin with cleanest design and if we look out at the weight, Samsung tablet pc- galaxy tab 10.1weighs 1.25 lbs approximate only and therefore this Samsung tablet 10.1 is the lightest tablet.  This Samsung tablet pc is available with two cameras, one 2 MP front facing camera that is very much useful for video conferencing and recording and the second 3MP rear facing camera having auto focus and flash.

Samsung tablet 10.1 – Performance, Price and Conclusions

This new Samsung tablet pc with 1280X800 pixel resolution and 10.1 inch wide screen produces sharp, clear and bright images, which can further be viewed through a wide angle. Web surfing or Internet browsing with this new Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is excellent and superfast and speakers are powerful and with the rear camera, you can take very high quality sharp pictures.

The price of the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 Verizon 4G LTE for 16 GB is $530 and for 32 GB is $630 and  if you are committed for two years , you can get it at lower prices.

At last, if you are a net surfer and  looking for a superfast  and slim tablet, Samsung tablet pc- Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 4G Verizon LTE seems to be the better option for you as  it is now completely compatible with more than 175 million sites including gaming sites.