Design of Samsung Tablet PC

Features of Samsung Tablet PC

Samsung Tablet PC is an attempt to compete against some top products of big companies in the new class of device; more than a smart phone but less than a laptop. Tablet PCs have become a new change in the field of smart devices. People have been waiting for something for a product that can get everyone’s mind and seems like they just got one.

With seven inches of screen size and outstanding ability to perform accurate multitasking has made the Samsung Tablet PC stand out in the varied range of Tablet PCs. The only issue that one will ever have with this tablet is the apps. Some apps do not support the default display size provided by the Samsung for its Tablet

Build and Design of Samsung Tablet PC

Samsung Tablet PC is like any other tablet, the seven inches screen, is also accompanied by four function keys. It is much smooth going than any smart phone and much more portable than any laptop. One can easily take this in one hand even, and you don’t need to add any ‘carry case’ for it. Samsung Tablet PC’s feature to handle it with just one hand makes it a product to be envied from it.

Screen Size of Samsung Tablet PC

Screen size which is out in the market for Samsung Tablet PC at present, is seven inches with a 1024 x 600 resolution. It is completely a touch. Touch sensor though creates a problem at times but, that is mainly because OS gets overloaded, thus, it is not a serious issue. It is beautiful and has vibrant colors. Fonts are crystal clear and wide screen viewing makes the experience even divine.

Unlike other tablets, Samsung Tablet PC has a much better screen when indoor. Outdoors are not bad even but indoors are the best. There are slight issues with the orientation of the screen, as well. When you hold device horizontally it might take some time to go from vertical to horizontal and vice versa, particularly when you hold it at an angel. It confuses the Os as to what orientation to provide.

Performance of Samsung Tablet PC

The performance of the device is its most effective point. Samsung Tablet PC is really a powerful device and easily manages various apps at a single point of time. This feature will make it user’s favorite and gives it an edge over other tablets.

It supports:

  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1
  • 16GBmemory expandable up to 32GB
  • Multitasking
  • Watch films, listen to the music, make calls, read e-books
  • Acts as a Wi-Fi router

And many more features.

Battery Life

Samsung Tablet PC has a good battery backup. It can live up to 10hrs. Though it does not supports micro USB charger. Thus, one needs to have a 30 pin charger to charge the battery.


Overall effect of this device is really impressive. It is a must buy and must have product. Samsung Tablet PC has got every requirement that one requires to fulfill his needs.

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