Samsung Tablet PC–Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 specification and review

Samsung Tablet PC – Galaxy tab is one of the state of the art tablets, which we have seen late last year in the market and a lot of improvements have already been done on this Samsung tab. The new Samsung tablet pc or Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has already been displayed at the beginning of the year 2011 and will shortly be made commercially available. The specifications and features of the new Samsung tablet pc 10.1 are summarized below.

Display of Samsung Tablet PC – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The greatest improvement in the new Samsung tablet 10.1 is its display features as it has wider screen and better screen resolution. The excellent thin tablet makes it’s perfect for smooth functioning and at the same time the 1280X800 pixels of resolution with screen size of 10.1 inch has set the new industry standard for display devices in the tablets. This Samsung tablet 10.1 is therefore a unique state of the art tablet which has much better display features than the earlier Samsung tablet pc.

 Processor and Operating System of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

This new Samsung tablet pc comes with a powerful 1 GHz dual core NIVIDIA Tegra 2 processor and the operating system in this Galaxy tab 10.1 is Honeycomb android 3.0, which is expected to be replaced by Honeycomb Android 3.1 after some time. The operating system allows customizing five different home screens, however the new operating system Android 3.1, once introduced will also allow resizing of the widgets. This Samsung tablet possesses excellent combination of operating system and processor resulting in the much improved overall performance of the tablet.

Size and Weight of the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1

This new Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has the dimensions of 246X170X11 mm approximately and it weighs below 600 gm.  The thickness of the tablet, as it is clearly evident from its dimensions, gives it the extra sleekly look making it the perfect choice. The metallic look of the tablet makes it attractive.

Multimedia Features of Samsung Tablet 10.1

This new Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 comes with the two camera, one 8 MP rear-facing camera with LED flash and 1080p video capture support seems to be the best features in it. This camera is an excellent device for video recording; however another 2 Mp camera front-facing helps in video calling. The dual speakers located on both sides of the tablet create effective surround sound which enhances the movies and video gaming experience.

Memory Size and Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

The new Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 comes with the 16GB and 32GB internal storage; however no addition microSD slot is available in this tablet and therefore you will not be able to add additional storage in this galaxy tab 10.1.  This Samsung tablet 10.1 equipped with a battery of 7000 mAh approximately.

Connectivity and Apps

The new Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 has excellent connectivity over 850/900/1900/2100 (HSPA) and 850/900/1800/1900 (EDGE/GPRS). This Samsung tablet comes with Bluetooth V2.1 and is Wi-Fi 802.11 enabled. 

The above are some of the features of Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and in m opinion, battery life, look and light weight, connectivity, camera for video recording and multimedia features are outstanding. This Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 will be made available commercially very soon and I am sure, people will love this tablet.