Samsung Tablet PC –Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vs. Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Comparative Features

If we talk about the Samsung tablet pc and especially Samsung galaxy tab 10.1, which is one of the most widely used tablet which runs on the android operating system, however the new Samsung Series 7 slate XE7000T1A is a Windows 7 Home Premium based slate.  The advantage of the window 7 based operating system in the Samsung series 7 slate over other Samsung tablet pc and especially galaxy tab 10.1 is that it allows you to run various office software and at the same time, you will not find any compatibility issues while sharing files with your friends and colleagues. 

This new Samsung tablet pc – series 7 slate is based on Samsung’s exclusive Fast Start Technology and the table is expected to be running again within 2 seconds time from hybrid sleep mode and therefore you are going to enjoy this new Samsung tablet pc as much as you have enjoyed the galaxy tab 10.1 and other tablets from the company. One of the major advantage of this new Samsung tablet pc is it’s screen size and it is even bigger than the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and here you are going to enjoy video and pictures, movies, contents etc. on a 11.6 inch screen size, which is comparable to the laptop or desktop. So, here is a perfect combination of design and features that will enhance much awaited experience on a sleek device.

Samsung Tablet PC – Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Operating System and Processor Comparison

Unlike galaxy tab 10.1, which is an android tablet with 1 GHz dual core processor, this new Samsung tablet pc i.e. Samsung series 7 XE700T1A is Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) that comes Intel Core i5-2467M processor. The processing speed of this new tablet is excellent for all multimedia tasks including video recording and transmission, internet browsing, movie downloading etc.

Samsung Tablet PC –Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Display and Graphic Features

The new Samsung tablet pc comes with the HD LED Backlit with 1366 X 768 pixels and as the pixel size here is higher, it provides much sharper image. Further it comes with a Superbright Plus Technology, which enhances significantly the overall picture, contents or video quality. The Samsung series 7 slate has been provided with the Intel HD Memory 3000 with shared graphic memory that shares, stores or retrieves data in blocks instead of individual packet and therefore optimizes the overall features. 

Samsung Tablet PC –Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Storage and Memory Features

This new Samsung tablet pc slate is provided with a 128 GB capacity SATA drive with 4 GB standard memory. The memory seems to be sufficient enough to carry out and store large number of tasks with this Samsung series 7 XE700T1A slate tablet.

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Connectivity Features

If you are looking for enhanced connectivity features with this new Samsung tablet pc and you will find similar connectivity features in it as the company has provided in Samsung galaxy tab 10.1. Wireless LAN is a new generation technology which is must now a day for mail and internet access in any tablet device and the new Samsung series 7 XE700T1A also comes with the 802.11 a/b/g/n features.

Like Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 , this new Samsung tablet pc – series 7 slate also comes with Bluetooth BT v3.0 and it is really very fast in connecting with other devices in a short range and you will really get your data transferred quickly.

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Multimedia Features

If you have used any of the earlier Samsung tablet pc and especially Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 , you might have enjoyed multimedia features in the latest tablets. You are going to get very exciting features here with this new Samsung tablet pc – series 7 slate as it will come with 2, 1.5W speakers with woofer. There has been provided two cameras , one 2.0MP built in high resolution camera in front that will enable you to  enjoy video chatting, and another 3.0 MP camera at rear also has been provided for video recording and uploading clips.

Samsung Series 7 XE700T1A Input Device and I/O Ports Features

This new Samsung tablet pc – Samsung series 7 slate comes with the 10 Finger Sensing Touch Screen and here you can interact with this slate by touching words, icons, display images etc., and you will really enjoy the input devices here. This new Samsung tablet pc also comes with HDMI and one multi card slot, a headphone output and one USB ports and you have an option to buy Bluetooth keyboard and with the keyboard, you will be provided a dock station connector.

Other Physical Features of this New Samsung Tablet PC – Series 7 Slate

The dimensions of the slate are 11.66 inch X 7.24 inch X 0.51 inches and it weighs 1.98 lbs.

So, these are important features of the new Samsung tablet pc – Samsung series 7 slate and I am sure you will found it as better as Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 .

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