Samsung Tablet PC – New Samsung Series 7 Slate PC Review and Price

Samsung Electronics recently at the IFA global consumer electronics tradeshow announced a new slate Samsung tablet pc also called as Samsung series 7 slate pc that will have full PC capabilities and the new Samsung tablet pc will be based on Window 7 operating system. The new Samsung series 7 Slate PC with much wider screen looks like a laptop and is designed to provide full features with fast computing and maximum productivity.

New Samsung tablet pc Features – Mobility and power of Series 7 Slate PC

If you are looking for the mobility and powerful features of the new Samsung tablet pc, which the company has named as Samsung series 7 slate pc, you will be surprised to see the new Samsung tablet pc with 11.6 inch wider screen is lightweight and at the same time being half inch think, it is quite portable and it can fully replace the laptop. The weight of new Samsung tablet pc is around 2 pounds, which make it convenient and best choice for people on tour and at the same time, students can also find it useful for them to carry it to their classes for taking notes and browsing net etc.

As far as the power of the new Samsung series 7 slate pc is concerned, it runs on powerful Intel core i5 processor with either Window 7 home premium or window 7 premium operating system with a 4GB DDR3 RAM and the hard disk capacity of up to 128GB. This Samsung tablet pc will be made available with an integrated microphone and dual cameras, a 2Mp camera at front of it and a 3 MP camera on rare side, which are excellent for recording audio video visual files and these files can also be shared with the help of Wi-Fi, Full sized USB port , WiMAX , HSPA etc.

New Technology in Samsung Tabblet PC – Series 7 Slate PC

Samsung is claiming to have the new and exclusive FastStart technology enabled in this new Samsung tablet pc, which will only take 2-3 seconds to come into the transition mode from sleep mode and will thus save time in reaching a particular application.

Samsung Tablet PC Series & Slate – The Input devices and Screen display

The new Samsung series 7 slate PC will have a highly responsive capacitive multi touch screen and using electromagnetic pen, user can naturally write on the screen. The device will save plenty of time while taking notes in the class room or noting the points in a business meet. The other option available to user is to have on screen keyboard.

Design and Connectivity

This new Samsung tablet pc is designed elegantly for the people who are fond of portable computing. Samsung series 7 slate is sleek and slim and being lightweight is perfect option of all classes of people and whether you are looking for your business purposes or for office use, it fits your requirement.

Models be offered and expected pricing

This new Samsung series 7 slate pc will be available in window 7 home premium in 64 GB and 128 GB memories with a price tag of approximately $1099 and $1349 and window 7 professional in 64 GB and 128 GB memories with a price tag of $1199 and $1349 respectively.

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