Samsung Tablet PC News – Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi Software Update

Samsung has recently announced a major software update for the latest Samsung tablet pc - Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and according to Samsung; the new software updates will be available to all its existing users in US for the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 tablets. Samsung has done a major update and as per the company the update will include a number of features and services and some of them are enclosed below.

Samsung Media Hub redesigned for Samsung Tablet PC – Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

The Samsung media hub is redesigned for the new Samsung tablet pc – galaxy tab 10.1 with new user interface and the upgrade will also include Samsung’s Social Hub Service. The new Samsung tablet pc or Samsung tablet 10.1 users now will easily optimize video content and at the same time will be able to download higher contents whether these are purchased or rented. The Samsung media hub will thus make download s easier and at the same time the users of Samsung galaxy tab 10.1WiFi edition will have higher quality viewing experience with the popular movie content or next day TV content.

Enhanced Multitasking through TouchWiz user Interface
The Samsung TouchWiz interface for your Samsung tablet 10.1 is especially designed for enhanced experience with the operating system of the Samsung tablet pc – galaxy tab 10.1, which is android honeycomb 3.1. The new application TouchWiz interface is expected to deliver superior multi-tasking and it will optimize the large screen tablet applications and the user interface for your latest Samsung tablet pc – galaxy tab 10.1 will include a number of features such as

i) Photo editor for editing, cropping or rotating high quality images, clipboard features
ii) Clipboard features will enhance the copy paste functionality of video, images, contents etc
iii) Live Panel features will allow you to customize the panel so that you can view various widgets in the page according to your customization and preference. Indicator quick panel feature will allow you to put the WiFi feature on or off and other particulars associated with it.
iv) Mini Mode feature will allow you to access to various applications in your Samsung tablet pc – galaxy tab 10.1 through one touch access.

Preloaded apps in your latest Samsung tablet pc- galaxy tab 10.1

As per the new update, your Samsung tablet pc comes with many preloaded apps and some of the apps include Amazon Music Cloud Player, Amazon Kindle etc. The Music cloud apps of your Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 will allow you to upload music in the cloud and with Amazon kindle apps in your Samsung tablet pc, you can get access to millions of eBooks.

Samsung Kies 2.0 for the Samsung Tablet pc – galaxy tab 10.1

With the apps, you can enjoy large file sharing with faster performance and with better device management from your Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 to your PC or Mac.

So, these are some of the major updates scheduled by Samsung for your new Samsung tablet pc – Samsung galaxy tab 10.1, however there are some more updates such as printing through your Samsung tablet 10.1, mobile computing, swipe etc., and I am sure you will love these software updates. You will need to register through your Samsung tablet 10.1 to get these updates.

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