Samsung Tablet PC–Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Specification and Review

Introduction of Samsung Tablet PC – Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

If we see the latest Samsung Tablet PC i.e., Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – one of the thinnest tablet available in the market today, seems to be the choice of many people across the globe. This new tablet is available on preorder at many places including Amazon stores and here is some of the specification and features of this Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 are listed below.

Display of the latest Samsung Tablet PC – Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

If you are looking for a medium display between 7 and 10.1 inch, Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 is the perfect tablet for you. This new Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 has a screen size of 8.9 inch with 1280X800 pixels of resolutions that enhances the look and style of the tablet. The TFT display and touch-screen features with multi touch light sensor features make it one of the best tablets of the year.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 – Operating system of this Samsung Tablet PC

We have seen the latest android system, which is also known as honeycomb in many tablets now. This new Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 comes with the Honeycomb android 3.0 with powerful 1 GHz dual core processor. The new Samsung tablet pc comes with many features including software for Smartphone and 3D graphics. The powerful processor makes the task such as internet browsing and video calling quite fast and you will notice much improved performance of the Samsung tablet pc.

Size and Weight of the new Samsung tablet pc 8.9

This new Samsung tablet pc is quite light and it weighs only 470 gm. This Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 has the length of 231 mm approximately and a width of 158 mm approximately. The thickness of this Samsung tablet pc is approximately one-third of a inch and these dimensions makes this tablet pc sleekly and attractive.

Network Connectivity, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Samsung galaxy tab 8.9- latest Samsung tablet pc comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, 802.11 and has excellent connectivity and data transfer on both GSM and UMTS Networks. It supports Internet connectivity over a wide range. There are inbuilt features such as facebook and you can easily access it from your Samsung tablet .

Samsung Tablet 8.9- Camera
The Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 is provided with dual camera, one 3MP camera, which is LED flash and auto focus features and another, 2MP camera, which supports video calling.

Battery Life
The battery life of this new Samsung tablet pc – Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 is 6000 mAh, which is better than the first Samsung galaxy tab.

So, the above are some of the important features of the new Samsung tablet pc i.e. Samsung galaxy tab 8.9, which makes it perfect for the users who are looking for robust android tablet that looks pretty well , have multimedia features and is lightweight and have larger screen.